The Harbour's Southern Pines Car Wash, with its distinctive bright orange roof and carefully tended flowers has stood by the side of US Highway 1 since 1979. We are a very special car wash because of the cleanliness of our facility and the fact that we keep the equipment in good working order. The two high pressure automatics were built in 1989.

Thank you very much for returning the money I lost in your machine. I was very suprised at the attention you pay to the complaints. I will be returning to you car wash. Just to say thank you for returning my change from the vacuum. Iím sure your kindness is key to the success of your properties. Thanks so much for the $3.00 refund. I really appreciate it.

You can save valuable time when you wash and vacuum your car with us and help protect the environment because we use biodegradable solutions. We also use less water than you would use washing you vehicle at home. Plus, we dispose of our used water into the city sewer.

In 1989 The Sandhills Area Chamber of Commerce presented the OUTSTANDING RETAIL MERCHANT AWARD for the year to Southern Pines Carwash.

In 1995, the Southern Pines Carwash (one of five washes) won BEST IN SOUTHEAST CAR WASH AWARD presented by the Southeastern Car Wash Association.